What You Need To Know When Cleaning a Clock

The process of cleaning a clock or a valuable timepiece can, at times, prove itself a bit of a difficult task. There are various different types of clocks available in the market that each demand their own ways of maintenance and care.

Mostly, people choose for their interiors and settings valuable timepieces that speak of grandeur and sophistication. These expensive timepieces can even serve as elegant wall decors or exquisite mantle top decorative pieces. These clocks are a sign of a well-kept setting. They demand constant maintenance that helps to keep these timepieces in proper working order.

Tips on Cleaning a Clock

Understanding the Different Types of Clocks

The various different types of large wall clocks available in the market each require their own different methods and mediums of maintenance. Owing to the different methods and techniques used to create a timepiece and the different materials used to give to it an appealing outlook, workmen and clock specialists use different ways in cleaning a clock too.

What cleaning tips and chemicals that may seem to suit well on some clock materials, may not be the right option for others. And hence, when cleaning a clock, it is of imperative importance that you know your type of clock and the dial and material used in the making before you simply start to scrub it with a chemical that might in fact be damaging to its surface and its proper working.

Some of the most widely used and sought after types of clocks according to their display are:

Analog Clocks– This is the most classical display type of all clock faces. These types of clocks make the use of hands and numbers to tell time. They are sought after for exquisite settings and displays.

Digital Clocks– Digital Clocks are the most contemporary of all timepieces. They are the easiest to read and are the most accurate in their readings too. These types of clocks make the use of an LED dial face that shows to the reader the exact hour and the exact number of minutes past the hour.

Braille Clocks– Apart from the two main types of clocks, Analog and Digital, Braille is an important timepiece innovation too. This type of display has been specially invented for the visually impaired.

Talking Clocks– These clocks, as the name suggests, speak and tell time. These types of clocks are usually used in public places like airports or by the vision impaired.

Large Digital Clock Maintenance

Cleaning Tips

All of these different types of clockworks require different cleaning methods and techniques. These dials and mechanisms can be framed with wood, glass, stainless steel or even plastic. And hence, when cleaning a clock it is important that you take notice of what material has been used in the making.

Usually, the tarnish and grease that accumulates around the corners of the dial or the face of a clock is removed with the help of cleansing oils and lubricants. However, the use of alcohol is encouraged in the cleaning process as it leaves upon the surface a shiny ambience and a distinct gleam after being rubbed across it.

Moreover, a large digital clock specially requires to be maintained every now and then. The batteries used to power these need to be recharged and replaced after a said period of time. Most of the expensive types of digital clocks and dials require to be checked for any technical glitches or problems. Continuous maintenance and timely battery replacements are the basic prerequisites of keeping this type of clock.

Some of the clocks, especially the ones made of steel, need to be regularly lubricated. In case they catch rust or become tarnished, they give up proper functioning. The clocks that are made of wood need to be checked for dirt and dust too. This is especially important when the wood is intricately carved and requires attention. Regular polishing of wood is, perhaps, the most effective way of keeping the wood work clean and attractive.

Now that you are aware of some basic tips in cleaning a clock. It would be easier for you to choose one since cleaning and maintenance comes along with the purchase.

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