Pocket Watch Wall Clock

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These Large Wpocket watch wall clocks are a stylish, practical and decorative timepiece that will perfectly suit any room. Regardless of their size, the pocket watch wall clock is an eye-catching piece that brings a unique touch to your decor. The elegant design of the clock keeps it looking modern and the large face makes it easy to read. You can also personalize this item by choosing one of our many colorful finish options.

These pocket watch wall clocs are a functional and stylish clock that will quickly become a focal element of your decor. These pocket watch wall clocks are made from durable metal and glass, and feature a classic finish for a timeless look. The pocket watch wall clocks come in several styles, including wall clocks with gears, numbers, and scales or diamond-shaped faces. The simple design of these large wall clocks make it an easy addition to any room in your house.”

Pocket Watch Wall Clocks work well as unique decorative accents in your entryway, kitchen, or as a modern home decor accessory. These large pocket watch wall clocks are ideal for displaying anywhere you need a little timepiece. The pocket watches mechanism features an acrylic cover to protect the gears and clock face while also making sure it becomes a much-loved conversation piece.

A pocket watch styled wall clock for any room. Featuring a classic design, these extra large wall clocks are ideal for the modern home. A pocket watch wall clock is an excellent vintage wall clock, but is also a great modern accent to your home. Extra large pocket watch wall clocks are ideal for those that have space to display something big and bold on their walls.