60cm Wall Clocks

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Wall clocks should have a width of six to eighteen inches. The three most common sizes of large wall clocks are small, medium, and large.

A 60cm wall clock’s purpose will best determine whether it is small, medium, or large. A more oversized clock can be used for a striking focal point in a small space, but going too small for a large room may not look right.

As 60cm pendulum clocks oscillate good vibrations, they are preferred in homes. However, time should never be represented by clocks that have reflective glass in places like the bedroom or the front door, as doing so creates the feeling of time slipping away.

60cm grandfather clocks are the best and most classic examples. These clocks usually have a wooden base and are 6 feet tall. Their pendulums tend to be made of heavy metal. The wooden case of the clock generally gives it a vintage feel and adds character to any room.

60cm analogue clocks are good if you’re only concerned about their decorative value and don’t mind their noise. Digital models are better if you’re worried about their practicality and quietness.

To find the proper size, take into account the other elements on the wall and the distance from which you will read the time.