Pendulum Wall Clocks

There is one of the largest ranges of pendulum clocks available in the UK at Large Wall Clock. Both traditional and modern designs are available. Our pendulum clocks are the perfect gift, or as a personal item, you won’t be disappointed.

Oak, mahogany and walnut are some of the beautiful finishes that we offer on our wooden pendulum clocks. All of our designs have a working pendulum, whether they are metal or glass. Acctim and Karlssonn are just a few of our suppliers.

Clocks are our passion, and we love helping you find your perfect pendulum clock. However, finding the right design for your living room or the hall is a very personal thing.

Our site offers a wide range of clocks and pendulums for you to browse, and we hope you find the perfect clock for you there.

Here you can find a collection of various wall clocks with pendulum movements, either mechanical or crystal quartz. In addition to the dials featuring Arabic and Roman numerals, the clocks feature a variety of wooden and metal finishes, like glass, metal, and wood (use the search facility to narrow down your choice of the dial).

Are you looking to buy Wall Clocks online? Choose from a wide variety of Large Wall Clocks so that you can find the right one for your space. You can now see a wide range of great products thanks to the “Pendulum” filter. It’s easy to narrow down your search for Wall Clocks with great prices and other options, so you can get one delivered to your home today when you order from our site.

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