Silent Wall Clocks

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Silent large wall clocks are available in a great variety. The hands-on these ‘sweeping clocks’ glide across the dial without making any sounds.

It’s essential to have a quiet wall clock if you find that the sound of a ticking clock disturbs your sleep or productivity. Digital clocks are a great alternative. 

These analogue timepieces are commonly referred to as ‘Quiet Clocks’ due to their tranquil acoustic movements. 

As a result, a timepiece that is accurate and quiet no longer needs to be a digital clock. In some quiet clocks, the seconds are indicated by a sweep hand. The second hand on digital clocks does not jump between positions as it does on traditional clocks. A ‘sweep’ of the hand instead enables the ticking to be avoided. 

You can find the perfect silent clock at our Quiet Clock Shop if you are bothered by your old clock, whether working, sleeping, or relaxing. Whether used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, meditation rooms, or wellness facilities, quiet clocks bring an oasis of quiet.

Our wide selection includes a variety of sizes, styles, and personalities, including small, dainty, and large, modern, bright, and quirky, as well as outdoor, indoor, and unique pieces!

Wall clocks with continuously sweeping second hands are not allowed. This eliminates ticking because the secondhand does not step from second to second. They’re ideal for bedrooms, offices, and study areas. In addition to Quiet Sweep Alarm Clocks, we have a large selection. You can choose from a variety of Quiet Wall Clocks.