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Wall clock, grandfather clock, old-fashioned pendulum clock, silent living room decoration clock, pendulum wall clock battery-powered, used for dining room, kitchen, office and home decoration


Brand: Beesealy


  • Elegant Grandfather Clock: If you are tired of boring walls or want to add more fun to your life, then this unique product will satisfy you. For the pendulum, the dial is large enough to be clear at a glance. With retro dial face, exquisite geometric design, classic style and mature craftsmanship, this grandfather clock will become an eye-catching decoration whether it is indoors or indoors.
  • Quiet pendulum clock: The pendulum clock uses a silent non-stepping mechanism to ensure true silence, and the silent cleaning of the second hand can ensure a good sleep and working environment.
  • Strict quality control: each clock is hung on the wall for 24-hour inspection; before entering the packing box, strict visual inspection and cleaning will be carried out again. Sturdy and safe packaging ensures safe delivery to your hands.
  • Easy to use and easy to read: This exquisite hand-decorated grandfather clock is beautifully crafted and will improve the appearance of your living room. It can be easily hung on the wall and easy to read from a distance. Uses 2x “AA” batteries-not included. Hook for easy installation!
  • The perfect gift: If you are looking for a thoughtful and generous gift to this elegant friend or family member, then you will find our carefully crafted wall clock treasure! Decorative wall clock will be very suitable for living room, kitchen, office, bedroom, and any room you like.

Package Dimensions: 100x730x2200

Details: The beautifully designed grandfather clock provides an excellent addition to any room in the house. It can be easily hung on the wall. You will never imagine what kind of amazing impression this pendulum clock will bring to your home decoration.
Each clock is carefully crafted, from the precision engraved case to the elaborate minute markers and hands. Our clocks are carefully designed and crafted so that they can be treasured in your family for many years.
The wall clock with door and pendulum allows you to enjoy this non-ticking sound, and enjoy the tranquility and comfort of your home!