Metal Wall Clocks

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If you are looking for something special to hang on your wall, why not go with something that will really stand out and make a bold appearance? The norm in large wall clocks is perfectly round, and made of wood, thin moulded metal, or plastic. If you want to go with something that will be unique, a metal wall clock might be just what you are looking for. Metal clocks are usually manufactured out of either iron or stainless steel.

Iron Wall Clocks

Many metal clocks are made from iron. Iron is a heavy and solid metal, so clocks made from it will portray this appearance. Most clocks were ironclock1traditionally made from wrought iron in the old days, as plastic or stainless steel weren’t around then.

Customers wanted a clock that would last a lifetime, and then some, and iron is definitely one of those materials. Although clocks purchased today aren’t antiques, many still have that old fashioned feel to them.

Some large iron wall clocks are made from something called wrought iron, which is iron that is twisted and bent into shapes. Since iron isn’t very easy to bend unless it is heated red-hot, these clocks won’t warp or change their shape if they get damaged. Some popular shapes are the sun, a wreathe, and a cross.

There are large wrought iron wall clocks that come in many unique shapes as well, such as a coffee cup, and a skeleton. Whether you are looking for something old fashioned or spunky, you will be able to find it in an iron clock.

Stainless Steel Wall Clocks

Clocks made out of stainless steel have a different appearance than those made from iron. Stainless steel is light, with a shiny, glossy appearance. stainless steel Clocks made from this material will have a lighter look.

Many contemporary wall clocks are made from stainless steel. While iron clocks can give the rustic, old fashioned look, stainless steel clocks will show a modern, sleek look.

Choosing the right wall clock for your home or office will depend on the both your tastes and the look of the room you want to hang it. New and modern rooms and buildings can look good with a contemporary clock. Older buildings and those in countryside settings often look great with old fashioned, wrought iron clocks.

Of course these are only general guidelines, and the ultimate choice is up to you, the consumer. Fortunately, there are beautiful clocks available at a wide range of prices. On the low end, some of these large wall clocks start at under £20, and can reach hundreds of pounds for large designer wall clocks.