Chiming Wall Clock

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These large chiming wall clock have a classic and stylish design. They have a loud, resonant chime that’s audible across the room, designed for homes and offices. Featuring a quiet sweep second hand for precise time-keeping, they also provide you with low battery warning indicators to monitor their performance

Add a charming accent to your home with a chiming wall clock. These chiming wall clocks have a clean, simple design that’s sure to stand out in any room. A classic addition to any decor, these large wall clocks are fantastic.

These handcrafted chiming wall clocks are among the most popular and well-made styles of home decor clocks. Featuring a choice of designs, they spread the beauty of a gong clock through the modern world. These chiming clocks include large vintage, traditional classical and contemporary styles in solid wood, many with acryllic domes on top that give your clock character and style. These striking chiming clocks provide visual interest and also have a lovely sound that echos through your home as they chime on the hour.

These chime clock will be a wonderful addition to your home. The clocks feature beautiful chime on the hour, which can be timed to ring at one of several intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in between the hours. These classic wall clock are mostly made of wood with a distressed finish and black roman numerals, giving it an antique look that blends well with any decor, with different sizes available. These clock will certainly fit your needs.

The chime of the chiming wall clock will fill your home with warmth and relaxation. Designed to perfectly fit in with any interior, these clocks will add new life to your decor. Crafted from high quality materials, they are sure to last you many years. The stunning yet simple designs will look great on any wall of your choice. These clocks have it all – tasteful design and superior durability combined with a modern interpretation. The perfect gift idea for family and friends.

These beautiful and elegant wall clocks will add a touch of style to any room. With their ornate designs, large size and style, these chiming clocks sets are perfect for those looking for something with character.