Smiths Wall Clocks

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These vintage smiths wall clocks are classic pieces of design, simple and elegant and made from the highest quality materials. Smiths is a design icon of the 20th century. The beautiful Bakelite Sectric Electric Clocks are made using high quality materials in England to ensure they last a lifetime.

Vintage wall clocks from Smiths Sectric are unique in that they were made using bakelite, a material that was popular in the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Display these truly unique clocks on your wall and be sure to get lots of compliments!

Gorgeous Smith Sectric wall clock from the 1930s. Complete with original bakelite case and movement. Absolutely beautiful timepiece.

A retro clock featuring a delightful design and iconic, bold font. These wall clocks feature a clean, minimalist design in classic Modernist style, with the hour and minute hands in identical black text on a white background.

In the early 1900s, Smiths clocks became popular in America, eventually hitting its peak in popularity during the 1940s. The clocks were often made of bakelite — a uniquely pliable material at the time. These clocks are highly sought after today due to their unique design and history.