5 of the best types of large wall clocks

Wall clocks really are everywhere we look. They are located in so many places that we don’t seem to even notice them usually, unless we need to know what time it is. Large round wall clocks are on every school classroom’s wall, in every office, and on top of huge buildings.

They have become a part of both interior design and building architecture. The most common sized clock people hang on the wall is large. Let’s face it, you need to be able to see it clearly from across the room, and this includes people with poor eyesight.

Most large wall clocks fit into two main categories, analogue and digital. Analog clocks are the common type that has the hour and minute hands rotating around. Digital clocks on the other hand display a digital image, which portrays the time.

If you need a large wall clock, here is a guide to help you decide which type is best for you.

Large digital wall clocks

Digital wall clocks are usually battery powered, although some are electric. digital1They conveniently display the time in an easy-to-read manner. It only takes a quick glance at this type of clock to find out what time it is. Although most homes have an analogue clock on the wall, businesses frequently use large digital wall clocks. The reason is because large led wall clocks can show other useful information as well, such as AM/PM, the day of the week, the date, and the temperature inside and out. You can buy a relatively inexpensive digital wall clock these days for around £30.

Large antique wall clocks

Ever since the invention of the sundial and the water clock around 4000 BC, humans have designed more and more modern and sophisticated clocks. Though most people choose contemporary large wall clocks, some people are attracted to the antique ones. Antique clocks can add a wonderful old-fashioned feel to any room. Although antique clocks usually aren’t as precise as their modern counterparts, they are a great choice if you like their style.

Large decorative wall clocks

A large clock is great for giving that otherwise boring wall a little pizzazz. Designer wall clocks come in an abundance of styles and colours, so their will no doubt be one to fit your taste. Decorative clocks come in both analogue and digital styles as well. There are designs that range from standard to outright bizarre.

Some have no numbers at all on them, and a few are shaped in funky designs. It is even possible today to have any photo image made into a clock for you. Howard Miller large wall clocks are certainly one of the most popular clock brands. They are high quality, and prices start at around £40 for basic models and cost hundreds of pounds for fancier timepieces.

Large outdoor wall clocks

For outdoor settings, you need a clock that is big enough to clearly see from far distances. These extra large wall clocks are designed with rugged materials that can withstand rain and cold temperatures. Many outdoor clocks display temperature and date information in addition to the time. Many people choose to put one of these on their porch, and tall buildings in cities often feature very large wall clocks on them to attract attention.

Large electric wall clocks

This type of clock differs from others in that it is plugged into the wall. The reason most wall clocks run on batteries is because nobody wants to have a long cord running down the wall and into an electrical outlet.
Although you don’t need to change the batteries of an electrical clock, you should have an electric outlet installed on the wall in the place you want to hang it.

Most houses don’t have outlets up high in the middle of rooms, so for this reason electric wall clocks aren’t as popular as their battery powered counterparts. When displayed in a business office, a large electric wall clock will often display the time in digital format as well as the date and day of the week. Due to their increased energy needs, using electricity is used for this type of clock.

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