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Wwbqcl Gears And Cogs Decorative Clock Steampunk Wall Decor Wall Clock Victorian Industrial Steampunk Gears Vinyl Record Wall Clock With Led


Brand: Wwbqcl

Color: With Led


  • – The vinyl record wall clock consists of 12-inch high quality vinyl acrylic records. Size: 30 cm, Color: Black.
  • – Each wall clock has a unique Quartz mechanism design and the dial is a sticker.
  • – no noise, giving you a quiet environment, restful sleep.
  • -The vinyl record be designed into various characters or cartoon designs and provided a collection for their enthusiast.
  • – for decorative children’s room, bedroom, living room, office, coffee shops, etc.Creative vinyl style, beautifully designed, different styles, beautiful and delicate, is a good gift choice. .

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0

Details: This retro-style wall clock is made from the original vinyl records
The creative handmade artwork is the perfect holiday gift.
Name: vinyl wall clock
Dimensions: diameter 30cm / 12in
Weight: 350 Grams
Type: Sticker / 3D DIY Clock
Features: Personalization
No annoying tick-tock, very quiet, allowing you to enjoy a good rest without interruption.
Two options:
A:Without LED
B:With LED (7color light is equipped with remote control)
Room: Game Room, Children’s Room, Bedroom, Living RoomUses: home decoration, creative wall clock, clock
Vinyl Record Wall Clock homemade room decor art gift for friend or lover!