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U-picks Large Digital Wall Clock with 10.5″ Display, Big Digits, Auto Light control , Easy to Use ,12/24 Hr, Time Memory, Silent Wall Clock for Warehouse, garage, living room (Adapter Included)-White


Brand: U-picks

Color: White


  • Large digital wall clock: The digital wall clock has a 10.5″ large LED display, a 3 inch super large digital display and moderate digital spacing, which can provide the elderly, children and adults with a good and clear vision, and can accurately obtain time information .
  • 3-level brightness automatic dimming: The digital wall clock has a 3-level brightness automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the digital wall clock display with the change of the dim degree of the environment, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Even in a weak light environment, you can clearly see the time information.
  • Excellent suspension design: There are positioning pins on the back of the digital clock, which can clearly remember the position of the nail. The product packaging box is also equipped with different wall fixing tools, which can be adapted to hang the digital clock on the ceramic wall, bamboo and wood wall and concrete wall.
  • Time memory function: The alarm clock uses a USB data cable for power supply due to the large power consumption of the LED light. At the same time, there is a CR2032 battery in the box, which can be installed in the battery slot on the back of the wall clock. It can be used to back up the time after the clock is accidentally powered off, and the accurate time can be obtained after connecting to the power supply and can be used in time.
  • No tick digital wall clock: The digital wall clock adopts a silent design, no tick sound, suitable for storage rooms, warehouses, garages, farmhouses, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, libraries, stations, and a variety of indoor and outdoor public Place to use.

Package Dimensions: 47x336x543