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Mesqool Digital Calendar Day Clock, 11.5” Extra Large Desk and Wall Clock with Clear Temperature Display, Alarm Clock with Snooze, 5 Dimmer and USB Chargers, Dementia Clock for Elderly and Memory Loss


Brand: Mesqool

Color: Black


  • 【11.5″ Extra Large Display–Show The Time Clearly】With 11.5 inch extra-large screen, big bright white LED letters and numbers show clearly on the dark background of this digital wall clock, you will see the time, date and temperature from all direction in your room, no more worrying about the elderly or people with poor vision can’t see them clearly. 5 levels of adjustable brightness let you turn it down to look softer at dark night.
  • 【3 Alarm Clocks–For Your Different Time Needs】Our day clock allows family members who have different wake up times to setup separate alarms, or if you have different schedules on weekdays and weekends, this would be a great choice for you. This alarm clock will be a timely reminder to take medication or eat a meal, help you maintain a normalized routine.
  • 【With Stand and Mount Hole–You Can Put This Calendar Clock Anywhere】This digital clock comes with a stand, easy to install with only one step, convenient to put on the table, be your desk clock or bedside clock. Want to hang it up and make it a wall clock? Remove the stand any time if you need and you can mount it in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, convenient for you to choose.
  • 【Button Cell Included–Never Lost Your Settings】This is a main powered electric clock that all functions and settings are only available when it is plugged in, no need to frequently replace or recharge batteries which could be problematic for elderly people or memory loss. We provide a button cell that has already been installed in this digital alarm clock to memorize all your time or date settings in case of power off or movement (please note the backup battery can only memorize setting for up to 130 days, can’t power the clock).
  • 【Dual USB Ports–Add Additional Charging Place】Never worry about having no charging port for your phone if you use this digital day clock on your table or bedside table, 2 USB ports at the side available for all Android and IOS phones, create another charging place if you have more electronic devices need to charge.
  • 【Clear Interface–Easily Set Your Day Clock 】Clear and easy to understand interface let you set the calendar clock easily. Only need to set up once at the beginning, and your family or parents can use normally. There’s also a temperature sensor at the side of the day clock, °C/°F switch along with 12/24 Hours switch and DST button are handy that can be set with only one press.

Package Dimensions: 47x327x680

Details: Extra Large Stylish Home Decor,Made to Fit Your Easy Life. ALL IN ONE —CALENDAR CLOCK,ALARM CLOCK,WALL CLOCK,USB CHARGER,TEMPERATURE,all functions are in need for daily life. Specially Designed for desk,wall,bedroom decration.extra large read-out on the wall in the living room for every family member,Featuring with indoor temperature,makes your daily life easier. Ultra large 11.5 inch Display as your tablet PC Best gift for elderly and dementia patients,enable them to clearly read what day of the week today and what time it is now. Provide 5 brightness option to adjust your preferred brightness Simply press DIMMER button on the top to adjust ultra-bright,slightly bright or moderately bright display as you could like. Three alarms with different pleasant buzzer sound You can set three dependent alarms to wake up you in the morning ,and another two ones for your different grade children. Never worry about missing an appointment,a important show or other key event. alarm volume,alarm buzzer sound is adjustable to set for your preference. Dual USB charging for your cellphone your cellphone will be 100% full of charge when you wake up,just connect it with an appropriate cable.