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Clokk 1-WS White Wall Clock



Brand: CLOKK

Color: 1-ws


  • High-quality continuous sweep quartz movement: no annoying ticking
  • Includes 7 interchangeable hand for customization
  • High-grade material: 18 mm birch-multiplex with white melamine coating
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Uses a single AA-battery (please order separately)

Package Dimensions: 58x332x1160

Details: Thanks to its clear design vocabulary along with fine details and high-grade materials, CLOKK perfectly adapts to every furnishing style while presenting itself in its reduction as very diverse and expressive. The high-quality continuous sweep quartz movement literally allows time to fly and is almost inaudible even in quiet environment.

CLOKK is modest and thanks to its simple design without logos or labels it is not only suitable for living rooms but also for offices, doctor’s offices, restaurants or hotels.

Customization options
Every CLOKK includes all 7 shown hands which can be easily interchanged. The black and white hand set (one hour hand, minute hand, and second hand each) are complemented by a second hand in contrasting red. Unused hands may be painted by the customer to perfectly match the environment, company colors, or personal preferences.

Designed & made in Germany
CLOKK was designed in Darmstadt, Germany where still every unit is milled from high-grade melamine coated birch multiplex, assembled by hand, and packed. We exclusively obtain our materials for the CLOKK bodies from regional distributors. This way we can assure proper quality and short hauls.

Delivery Contents
CLOKK ([Multiplex, white melamine coated / MDF, solid black], Face: [blank/lines/dots], Diameter: 30 cm)
2 Hour Hands (black, white)
2 Minute Hands (black, white)
3 Second Hands (black, white, red)

The Quartz clockwork requires an AA (Mignon-) battery which is not included.

UPC: 729389230715