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White Swallow Wall Clock



Brand: QMPZG-wall clock


  • Swallows also symbolize luck and hope, so may this clock give you the wings of good fortune and the ability to fly up high in life
  • [Material]: Resin, plastic (swallow with 3M double-sided tape, but it must be reinforced and then attached to the wall, the movement needs to be punched in the wall)Swallows bring 3M double-sided tape to the wall according to the attached clock position map. The clock part needs to be nailed on the wall to hang on the wall!
  • [wall clock specification]: There are 3 diameters on the positioning map of 50cm, 55cm, and 60cm. Please select the diameter according to your wall.The size of the largest diameter is 6 cmWx 12.3cmD x 60 cm (the overall diameter is about after completion)
  • [Packing] : Sponge packaging + aircraft box packaging + outer box packing box
  • [Maintenance] : Clock, swallow, pointer, round dial, can be cleaned with a soft brush

Package Dimensions: 120x350x2000

Details: Please install after patiently reading:
1. First punch the wall, nail the expansion bolt, and screw the screw.
2. Hang the movement on the wall.
3. Remove the adhesive from the back of the positioning and pass it through the movement to attach it to the wall.
4. There are 3 kinds of circumferential dimensions, according to the size of personal preference, use a pencil to mark in the round hole.
5. After confirming that the 12 marks are completed, carefully remove the positioning map.
6. There is a number on the back of each swallow. Please tear off the adhesive and stick it on the mark according to the number. (Note: Please confirm that each swallow is fixed after pressing for 30 seconds to confirm that it is adhered to the wall).
7. Finally install A. hour hand, B. minute hand, C. second hand dot.
easy to use