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A.S.A.R. Crushed Diamond Square Mirrored Wall Clock 50CM X 50CM


Brand: A.S.A.R.

Color: Silver


  • ⛪ ⏲ MUST-HAVE – Wall clocks are a must-have in every household. A house without a clock is like a body without brain. Clocks keep you aware of time and you just can’t go a day without clock. Smartphones also have clock feature but a basic wall clock in home is important as it lets you see the time from any part of the house. At times you may not have your phone in reach.
  • ⛪ ⏲ PRACTICAL EDITIONS – A clock on wall lets you see the time by simply looking at it. Bring this wall clock for your home that will match any decor and blend with it easily. Crushed diamond square mirrored wall clocks are stylish and practical editions for your home. Highlight your glamourous style with your modern or contemporary design with this wall clock.
  • ⛪ ⏲ FEATURES – This square wall clock features roman numerals to add stylish flair to this piece. It features brilliant mirrored finish to bring brilliant shine and a sleek feel for a complementary chic interior. The clock is made from high-quality material to provide accurate time. This wall clock will also perfectly complement a variety of modern and contemporary interior designs.
  • ⛪ ⏲ MEASUREMENT – Measures approx. 50cm x 50cm x 5cm you can hang on the wall as it comes with hook to hang, also you can use it as stand alone clock on table window because its has very good width which is 5cm so it can be used both ways. Clock is mirrored glass with crushed diamonds within the border making this ideal for contemporary home deco.
  • ⛪ ⏲ MULTIPURPOSE – This luxury mirrored wall clock is highly functional, square design with crushed diamonds, modern style. simple roman numbers easy to read. This wall clock with crushed diamonds will add a sparkling touch to your home, which is suitable to decorate you home, office, living room, study, bedroom, dining room, restaurant, hallway and other places.

Package Dimensions: 120x595x8200

Details: If you are looking for home decor ideas then look no further as the versatile design of these ASR INTERIORS Crushed Diamond Square Mirrored Wall Clock make them ideal candidate as clocks for living room, kitchen clocks, bedroom wall clock or table clock for living room and office. ⛪ ⏲ The perfect wall clock for an office, classroom, living room, bedroom, bathroom and any room in your home. Display on the wall in the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen, it is a great addition to any room in your home. ⛪ ⏲ This wall clock is simple and clear roman numeral dial makes it easy to read. This mirrored wall clock is a perfect addition to any home by adding the newest addition to mirrored range. It shows nothing but style and class within the home with a complete mirrored frame. ⛪ ⏲ These wall decor clock for living room, presenting an classic and unique style that can make your living room shiny. Modern looking clock blends in with many different furniture, different colour walls, or decorative wall paintings. HIGHLIGHTS ➼ Lovely centerpiece wall clock. ➼ A timeless feel wall clock. ➼ Perfect for home, office & public place. ➼ Easy to read wall clock. ➼ A lovely decoration, stylish diamond clock.